Who are we

Pioneer Guards is a private security and protection solution for all business needs. Certified, Insured & Armed guards are trained to protect every type of service and industry including Banks, Residential & Commercials Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Factories, Restaurants, Schools and Special Events.

Comprehensive Security Plans & Strategies

Working directly with your building managers and employees, identifying high-risk areas and strategies if an intrusion occurs. Understanding the demographic and region of your area, we provide the optimal number of guards to ensure the protection of your facilities. Taking care of the management and security of your building and oversee the daily operations, making sure your business is safe from all harm.

Trained & Certified Guards

Only Certified, Insured & Armed guards that have undergone weapons and guard training procedures are employed for our services, providing peace of mind that your employees and people are safe in any situation. All security guards study and memorize all strategies and plans devised by our meetings ensuring they are on the same page with you. With a required phone at the site location at all times, your business will be monitored in real-time, 24/7.

Efficient Management & Communication

24/7 Help Desk available, our representatives can answer all your questions and requests immediately. Emergency on-call situations are available cater to any situation; evacuation, decontamination, active shooting, hospital incidents and more… Our guards are trained in several scenarios allowing them to be prepared for any event, ensuring your company’s security and safety at all times.

Committed to quality and staying up to industry trends, We’re dedicated to providing the best service at every level of our business, from the trained guards to the innovative security solutions we plan.