Special Events

Large events can pose a security risk to all important individuals. Having a comprehensive plan and a strong security team that can monitor suspicious behavior at a large scale can prevent potential threats from occurring. Building a strong plan from our evidence-based risk analysis, coupled with experience and knowledge of managing special events, ensuring that all participants are safe from any potential threats.

Pioneer Guards provides cost-effective services scalable to all your event needs. Trained, Certified and Insured armed guards that can handle crowd control, traffic control, bomb threat detection, and personal protection, enforce the safe and secure environment at all times.

Using our thorough planning and analysis, we identify areas that need the most monitoring, spotting aggressive behaviors while catering to your restaurant’s budget.

Pioneer Guards meets all special needs of all events, understanding that each environment is different. Designing solutions that meet your unique special event’s dynamics and challenges.

Provide comfort knowing your special event is secure and safe today.

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