Schools & Universities

The safety of children is the number one priority for all parents including acts of bullying, property theft, gang violence, and harassment. Having a security team that are specialists in solving minor problems can provide peace of mind to parents and schools. Our security staff monitor areas of weak security and look for suspicious behavior from each student. With constant foot and mobile patrols providing 24/7 monitoring, ensuring the protection of teachers and children. Using past history and evidence-based risk indicated, coupled with experience and knowledge of serving educational institutes, providing parents comfort knowing that their children are safe.

Pioneer Guards provides cheap options scalable to all your educational institute needs. Trained, Certified and Insured armed guards that can be reached 24/7, allowing them to enforce the safety and security of your school at all times.

Using our expert analysis and understanding, we identify areas that need the most protection, providing wide-area supervision, spotting suspicious behaviors including acts of violence and cyber threats.

Pioneer Guards meets any particular needs for all schools, understanding that each environment is different. Integrating state-of-the-art technology and agile communication solutions to meet your unique education system.

Secure your student’s and teachers’ safety today.

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