Commercial Buildings

Running a successful business means the security of your data and resources is your top priority. Using state-of-the-art alarm technology, emergency response systems, and the best security personnel, your business is less likely to be attacked. Using past experiences and evidence-based risk indicated, coupled with experience and knowledge of serving commercial buildings such as retail, high-rise, warehouses, construction, and office, Pioneer Guards will ensure your company’s safety.

Pioneer Guards provides great deals scalable to all your commercial building needs. Trained, Certified and Insured armed guards that can be reached 24/7, allowing them to enforce the safety and security of your building at all times.

Using our expert analysis and understanding, we identify areas that need the most protection, spotting suspicious behaviors, designing evacuation procedures and catering to your bank’s budget.

Pioneer Guards meets the special needs of all commercial businesses, understanding that each environment is different. Integrating fire protection for high floors and access control solutions to meet your unique business’s dynamics and challenges.

Protect your employees and staff today.

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